Mat Leather was established as a leather finish figure workshop in 1988 and developed rapidly. Within this devolpment stage ourcompany transferred to lamination manufacturing with “glue”, “latex”, “fire lamination” product lines and shortly took its position in the sector. Todat the company serves onlt in the figure production fielde and carries out its work with success together with the accumulated exparience and expertise of the past years.

In the text,le sector which shows radip change and progress throughout the world, the demand toward technical material and the fact that demands fot this materail will inncrease in our country, has provoked our company to make new ventures. In accordance with this fast development in the world lamžination sector our companyhas activated the “Cavimelt” (hot melt reactive polyurethane) of the Cavitec AG <Fżrm in 2004 and has initiated production without concession of its “figure manufacture” principle.

While Mat Leather continues its manufacturing process in the lamination sector, the major difference that distinguishes it from its competitors is that “It carries out production especially and only as a figure manufacturer”. Our company does not own a genuine production or a trademarked end product of its own whatsoever. This is its main working principle. Products that are delivered to our company for figure lamination are laminated with the most approriate method and presented to the customer. By this way special products that are delivered to us with the garantee to be treated “especially and only for figure manufacture” will remain special.